Our Journey

A long time ago, before New Zealand became known for Hobbits and bungee jumping, a little company called “Nectar Juices” was born in Wellington, New Zealand.

An office of 5 began to create fresh fruit juices and concentrates; focusing on celebrating real flavours, always hunting for the best ingredients they could find. Before long, our neighbour saw what we were up to and thought we would work better together. So, “Flightless Bird Beverages” merged with “Nectar Juices”, adding coffee syrups to our range.

We continued our journey growing, leaving the disco era through to the late noughties.

Then just like your mum changed her shag carpeting, we thought it was time for a transformation. We had a makeover, becoming “SHOTT Beverages”.
We put our heads together and started using our gear to create a whole new product, fruit syrups. Each bottle containing something so unique; Naturally, SHOTT becomes a staple on Chef Tables, in your local cafe and bars alike. Even, picking up our game to move into your New Zealand high-end stores in a premium glass bottle.

The first success was Lemon, Ginger and Honey. Well, we admit we were nervous when we released it,  there was nothing else like it in the market. We took extra care to source the ingredients and balance it all perfectly and, well, our gamble paid off!! People loved it! It remains one of our best sellers to this day.

Then we thought about creating a lime syrup. Everyone else was using the same, easy option but we didn’t think that was good enough. So, we went on a hunt for the best limes we could find and you know what? The best limes ended up being right under our nose; Tahitian Limes grown in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand! So, we sent our team down to check them out, we rolled up our sleeves and pressed them ourselves.

From there, we went on to have a bunch more good ideas…
We created pulp syrups, the best of their kind! Mango and Feijoa with the good, pulpy bits left in and now, our range has expanded to over 40 flavours!

We spread out to the world: Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, UK and Europe; SHOTT Beverages got a passport to travel the world and has never looked back.

That brings us to 2017; The people spoke and, well, Turmeric Chai was on everyone’s lips. We got to work. Our scientists may have gone a little mad, but we had a breakthrough. Bringing Turmeric Chai to the people, just like you asked.

SHOTT Beverages continues to grow since our small beginnings as an outfit on the outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand. 55 syrups, 17 countries, tens of thousands outlets and 3 offices across the world, we are growing by 50% annually. With a BRC certification and famous clients under our belt (thanks to our rigorous standards and testing with you guys before we even release it), we know, SHOTT is something to be proud of.

The world keeps turning and SHOTT Beverages will do our best to keep delivering what you want to taste. But we will always stick to bringing you the real flavours just as Mother Nature intended. That’s a promise.

The History of Shott


Every time you enjoy shott you can expect to experience real flavour

Since launching in 2006 we have continued expand into premium coffee syrups, chai concentrates and continued to grow our fruit range.

With over 45 different flavours we have become a much desired brand with loyal supporters in over 14 countries nationwide.

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