SHOTT Beverages

Blackcurrant & Honey

  • 16%Honey

  • No Artificial
    flavours or

  • Add to hot water
    for a
    Herbal tea

  • Caffeine

  • Made in

The world’s most intensely flavoured blackcurrants. Grown under the pure skies of New Zealand and bathed in dazzling sunlight, our blackcurrants ripple with aroma and other goodies. Then, we saturate them in our own special blend of New Zealand honey to send the deliciousness through the roof.


Winter can be miserable.
SHOTT Blackcurrant and Honey concentrate works to bright up those dreary winter days.
Hot Blackcurrant and Honey Tea is the perfect cure for those cold day blues.
But don’t stop there, why not enjoy Blackcurrant and Honey Molten Cake or an El Diablo Cocktail.
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