Black Tea & Apple (New Zealand)

Black Tea & Apple (New Zealand)

  • Real
    black tea

  • No Artificial
    flavours or

  • Great in

  • Great in
    bubble tea

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Unique floral notes from black tea infused with the freshness of crisp apples. This delicious infusion takes all the hassle out of cold brewing, infusing and extracting processes and allows the delicate notes to develop into a powerful flavour-packed concentrate.
Add to cold milk, bubble tea or even milkshakes


The best teas are made with passion and care, timing the perfect brew and preparing it in the beverage style you want.
SHOTT Black Tea & Apple (New Zealand) has done the first few steps for you by expertly cold brewing and infusing black tea and apple together . All that’s left is the fun part: developing interesting and delicious drinks, from a simple infusion or a unique bubble tea.