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Spring has well and truly sprung down-under

The cute, newborn lambs moving into pre-pubescent years, a dramatic increase in cone ice-creams purchases at the local dairy and Uncle Jim started to wear his stubbies again. With the warm weather brings the fruit of the holiday season; starting with Strawberries! Strawberry Cupcakes, Strawberry Milkshakes and Strawberry Daiquiris.
Start with SHOTT. Celebrating Spring as nature intended.

New SHOTT Fruit Mince Pie

The Ugly Christmas Jumpers, the face smile Christmas cards and that same old Holiday CD that gets pulled out every year.
Christmas traditions don’t have to be boring. That’s why we have taken the good ol’fashioned Fruit Mince Pie and extracted all the goodness to make a syrup. It can be put in your coffee, Milkshake or will make the Christmas Mince Pie more flavoursome. Reinvigorate your Christmas traditions, while also keeping Mum and Dad happy this holiday season.

It’s as simple as SHOTT

Every morning you depend on that cup of coffee to help you face the day and every day it delivers.
Where would we be without it? It’s time that we gave back… to our coffees.
Treat your coffee by adding a dash of Hazelnut, a splash of Vanilla perhaps a smidge of Caramel.
It’s as easy as adding SHOTT to your morning pick-me- up, your coffee can’t wait!

From NZ to
the rest of the world

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From lush green fields to real fruit, SHOTT continues to produce right where they started in New Zealand. With the same philosophy- shots of real fruit, from real ingredients as mother nature intended.

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