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Time for a Mocktail

Dave has got to drive home, Steph is operating heavy machinery and Ethan, well he’s 8.
SHOTT Alcohol Free Cocktails suit Dave’s after work drinks, Steph’s breaktime treat and Ethan celebrating his new pen license.
There are plenty of recipes right here on our website!
Raspberry Shrubs, Lime and Mint Slushies or even Tropical Breeze sans the Rum.
Keep safe and party on with SHOTT.

The Autumn Season Is Almost Upon Us

It is that time when the Barbeque about to head into hibernation, Jandal tan lines are beginning to fade from existence and the idea of jumping into the river has turned from a “Hell yeah!” to a “Yeah…nah”.
The Autumn season is almost upon us.
Brisk walks in the cooler air, kicking around red and gold leaves and finishing the day with a Caramel Hazelnut Mocha.
Welcome Autumn with our delicious SHOTT coffees; just click on our Recipes tab and start exploring.

Real fruit & Natural Flavours

We have connections. We know the right people. In fact, Mother Nature has our back.
We write a wishlist of the fresh, tasty real fruit that we need to make into delicious syrups.
Then Mother Nature delivers and we deliver to you.
SHOTT doesn’t have to compromise on realness or quality because we respect the natural flavours the earth has to offer.
Join us and team up with Mother Nature.

From NZ to
the rest of the world

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From lush green fields to real fruit, SHOTT continues to produce right where they started in New Zealand. With the same philosophy- shots of real fruit, from real ingredients as mother nature intended.

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Tropical Breeze


Hummingbird Soda


Raspberry Strub


Creme Brulee Cappuccino

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